Thorndale Plant, AGC Chemicals Americas

A brighter world is a better world

Consider the importance of glass – It’s allowed astronauts to view the world – scientists to discover the very essence of life – photographers to capture history for future generations. Glass permits the light that truly illuminates the world.

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At the moment we need people working on the next generation of products that will drive efficiency.
George Yin
President of a subsidiary, Glass

Connecting the future

We look to recruit people who think of themselves as citizens of the world. This isn’t about languages, it’s an attitude.

Carlo Bertelegni
HR Director, Building & Industrial, AGC Glass Europe

There is strength in diversity of thought:

Diversity of thought breeds respect for our colleagues, their capabilities and cultures. It enriches our environments, which fuels our creativity that ultimately produces better products. The fact that we operate in around 30 countries across three continents speaking around 20 languages is both evidence of our diversity and proof of our strength.


Working at AGC is a big challenge for me. The decision I took to enroll to a distance learning program at university in order to be able to work for AGC has been one of the most important in my life. I believe I was right because in some aspects, working while you are studying is much easier as you are gaining practical experience and it gives me the opportunity to grow professionally much faster.

Petr Edelmann
Assembly Technologist, OEM LAM Studying Production, University of Jan Evangelista Purkyne

My educational background is Chemical Engineering but I got opportunities to work as Cutting Engineer, Quality control Engineer, Offline Engineer and Business control staff. I would like to say thank you to AGC for having given me those assignment with full responsibility and autonomy. So, I could acquire many experiences and useful knowledge. I believe that my colleagues are also proud to be a part of AGC.

Mr. Torranin Wattanakulung
Section Chief, Solar Industrial Business Center Rayong Factory, AGC Flat Glass (Thailand) PLC. Joined AGC Flat Glass (Thailand) in 2006

In the fourth year since I joined AGC after graduation from my master’s degree in mechanical engineering, I had a great opportunity in a large-scale project for developing a new plant for pilot production. I worked on the project with a full responsibility in implementing the entire process from budgeting through startup of the plant. I was really motivated and energized with the project and my colleagues. I believe that our engineers are quite committed to discovery of unlimited possibility of glass materials and sustainable technology evolution.

Ms. Akiko Dosho
Engineer, Production process development Production Technology Center, AGC Headquarter, Japan Joined Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. (Japan) in 2005

What we ask you to demonstrate

  • Ambition – the desire to create excellence. And be the very best you can be.
  • Creativity – ideas are the single most important element in our organization.
  • Collaboration – openness to share ideas but also to accept and help develop the ideas of others.
  • Respect – for your role and responsibilities, for your colleagues regardless of gender, ethnicity or seniority.

What we’ll demonstrate to you

  • Support – we’ll endorse your ideas that deliver against our environmental and efficiency goals.
  • Opportunity – we continue to employ only the finest teams. We offer new employees the opportunity to contribute to world-leading projects.
  • Diversity – we’re open to all. We cherish diversity. We know it makes for a world-class organization.
  • Excellence – We’re the world’s most preeminent glass manufacturer. We’re driven by innovation and the desire to shape the world futures.

We see graduates in our future

Today, the calibre of candidates is under greater scrutiny. Social media exposes credentials to a global audience 24/7. Graduates need environments where research, development and manufacturing are maintained by innovation, professionalism and a dedication to excellence. In short, they need our opportunities.

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