AGC Ceramics Singapore Pte Ltd

AGC Plibrico Co., Ltd

Aggregate & Pigments For Roads

Road surface materials with abrasion resistance for anti-skid pavement and thermal insulation pavement. We prepare aggregates with various color types, and undertake the installation work as well.


By using our in-house high-functional materials and parts materials, and through a global material supplier network, AGC Ceramics can offer our customers any type of refractory to best suit their glass components, burning methods and melting furnance design.

Glass Furnace Engineering

AGC Ceramics Co., Ltd (so-called “AGCC”) is a recognized refractory manufacturer with 100 years experiences and the only one proven supplier in the world who can provide complete furnace engineering services by 40 years experiences together

Monolithic Refractories

AGC Plibrico has since been engaged in the production, development of installation methods and designing of furnace walls for various facilities. AGC Plibrico enjoys a high reputation as a unique company with comprehensive technical capabilities, in a vast range of fields including key industries such as steel, cement, oil, chemical and power generation sectors.