Product List

  • Amorphous Fluoropolymer “CYTOP”

  • AGC’s CYTOP has achieved extremely high transparency, of which the visible light transmission ratio is more than 95%, with an amorphous structure completely different from existing fluoropolymers. Since CYTOP can be dissolved with a special fluorinated solvent, it can be used in thin film coatings to a thickness of a few sub-microns. Furthermore, as it has the characteristics of fluoropolymers, CYTOP is attracting attention as an innovative material.

  • BiopharmaServices

  • AGC has GMP manufacturing facilities including 300L to 4,500L fermenters in Yokohama and Chiba. We offer biopharmaceutical manufacturing services from the preclinical stage to clinical trials and commercial manufacturing.
    In formulating manufacturing and quality strategies from the development stage through commercial production, we combine your needs and our unique experiences as a CMO so that we can propose an optimum schedule and scale-up strategy according to your development stages.
    For instance, if you are planning late phase clinical trials, we will make utmost efforts to complete necessary tasks such as technology transfers, validation, shortening the lead time for marketing, whilst maintaining the supply of high quality products at low costs.
  • Products made by AGC Seimi Chemicals

  • Optics & Electronics
    Fluorochemical Functional Products
    Chemical Product Materials
    Fuel Cell materials
  • Fluororesin Paint “BONNFLON”

  • “Bonnflon” is made from Lumiflon and has been exported since 1970’s.
    The fluororesin paint “Bonnflon” is not only more weatherable but also glossier and brighter than Poly-vinylidenefluoride (PVdF) type.
    Besides, “Bonnflon” has air dry solvent, cured solvent and water-based type.
    We have many applications such as for steel, cement, and not only coating but also multi-layer paint and clear finishing for bare concrete.
    Please find the attached explanation for SR(soil-release, low-pollution) fluororesin paint and water-based fluroresin paint.
  • Fine Silica

  • 1




    • For Analytical column

    • For Flash Chromatography & Purification column

    • For Preparative column in industrial

    • Wide pore silica gel





    • For texture control

    • For soft focusing on the skin

    • For UV shielding effect

    • For sweat absorption


    • For makeup sustainability

    • For chemical support





    • For increase mechanical strength

    • For surface improvement

    • For controlling fluidity

    • For inorganic binding and coating filler

    • For non-shine finish (matting effect)

    • For gas shielding

    • For prevent sticking (Anti-blocking effect)

    • https://www.agc-si.com/en/index.php.