Gas & Solvents


Asahi Glass is an integrated manufacturer from raw materials process production to end product marketing. We also strive to be a very responsible corporate citizen.Environmental sensitivity has come into an ever closer focus at the earth level. Investigation, research and the examination of numerous alternative technologies is being carried out the world over, with the intention to successfully address the environmental issues, for us and our children. In this area, Asahi Glass has already achieved impressive results. For instance, Asahi Glass was the first to develop and market the environmentally-sensible alternative solvent “ASAHIKLIN AK-225”. Moreover, we market “ASAHIKLIN AK-134a”, a refrigerant for the refrigerator and the automobile air conditioner sectors. Asahi Glass has also developed new refrigerants for use in air conditioners and refrigerators. Our new HFC refrigerants and blowing agents will not affect the stratosphere ozone. In the area of electronic cleaning, which demands severe preciseness, foaming resin for auto seat cushions, refrigerating and air-conditioning, Asahi Glass is aggressively aiming to develop suitable products which are environmentally-sensible alternatives to the existing use products. Please do not hesitate to contact us from this site if you have any questions and/or wish further information to be sent to you.
Products List 

  • Trichloroethylen

  • Perchloroethyle

  • Methylene Chloride