Stopray Ace






Stopray ACE is a high performance glazing with numerous coatings of silver applied in a vacuum, providing excellent solar control and thermal insulation.
It is developed specifically for tropical climate, particularly for Asia where low shading coefficient values and energy efficient glasses are usually required. Stopray ACE addresses the needs of commercial buildings for low solar control and high selectivity facades. Available in both post temperable and non temperable version, this product provides the option of choice depending on the building specifications.


Only to be used in double glazing, for exterior applications in building facades.

Key Features

  • Low Shading Coefficient

  • – Ranging from 0.28-0.37 in double glazing 6-12(air)-6
    – Ideal for tropical climate countries where solar heat control is important
  • Superior Appearances

  • – Attractive neutral look, with option of neutral bluish or neutral greyish
    reflection (Stopray ACE 52T)
    – Lower reflectance with neutral greyish color (Stopray ACE 42T)
    – Higher transmittance with neutral color (Stopray ACE 60T)
  • Excellent Selectivity

  • – Selectivity of up to 2 (ratio of light transmission to solar factor), thus
    stopping most of the heat outside but not the natural light 
  • Post Temperable Version

  • – Enables local processing for shorter lead time and efficient supply
  • Enhanced Thermal Insulation

  • – U-value of 1.6 (in double glazing of 6-12(air)-6)

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