Stopray Smart



Stopray – AGC Glass’s flagship range of magnetron-coated products – has two additions: Smart 51/33 and Smart 30/20. These products include a silver layer providing excellent solar control and thermal insulation. These two glazings break new ground by being usable in tempered or non-tempered version, and not requiring edge-deletion(3) when assembled in double glazing units.


Stopray Smart have been developed for exterior applications in facades on all types of commercial buildings. They are used exclusively in double glazing and can be laminated by the processor (2).

Key Features

  • One product, two uses : All Stopray Smart products can be used tempered or non-tempered(1). Both versions deliver the same energy, light and insulation performance

  • Easier to process : Edge-deletion(3) is not necessary required, which greatly faciliate any subsequent processing

  • Perfect visibility & Neutral appearance : A low interior light reflection guarantees perfect visibility towards the outside world

  • High-Performance : A combination of super solar control (SF = 20%) and a good thermal insulation (Ug value of 1.1 W/(m2.K))

(1) Due to its high absorption factor (EA = 52%), we recommend to always temper Stopray Smart 30/20.
(2) Care must be taken to ensure the coating does not come into contact with the PVB.
(3) Please follow the processing instructions in the “Stopray Processing Guide” and in the “Stopray Smart Structural Glazing Sealant Compatibility Guide”. Don’t hesitate to contact your AGC representative if you have any questions.

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