iPlus Energy NT



iplus Energy NT is a high performance low emissivity glass. It has a double invisible, ultra-thin layer of silver, which reflects the sun’s heat whilst letting in light. Its superb solar factor helps keep the ambient temperature at a comfortable level, even at the height of summer.
It has the exceptional ability to retain the heat produced inside the building and reduces heat loss, thereby ensuring excellent thermal comfort in cold climate.


A temperable soft-coated low-E glass with enhanced solar protection, Energy NT offer great neutrality, high light transmission and low light reflection when assembled into double glazed units (in #2). It shows the same aesthetics as a classical IGU combined with the comfort of double silver coating performances.
Energy NT coating can withstand the tempering process which means it offers more safety and can be locally process.

Key Features
High levels of performance throughout the year in terms of both thermal insulation and solar control

Thermal insulation:

  • Very low U value

  • Meets even the strictest thermal regulations


  • Low level of light reflection

  • Discreet, very neutral glazing


  • Similar to that of clear glass

  • Can be adapted easily for residential applications thanks to its aesthetic, thermal and solar qualities

  • Suitable for residential and commercial applications

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