STOPSOL is a reflective glazing in which one side of the glass surface is covered with a thin metal oxide by an online method called pyrolytic process.


STOPSOL glass offers very good solar protection by reflecting the solar heat from the sun. It has a strong resistance to pollution due to its coating which is embedded in the glass during the coating process. The reflection of light will also enhance the privacy.

Key Features

  • High durability reflective coating

  • Flexibility in installation, coating can be positioned in #1 (facing exterior) or #2 (facing interior)

  • Good shading coefficient property

  • Easy to handle, install and maintain

Available in 3 types of coatings:

  • STOPSOL Supersilver with a silverish appearance

  • STOPSOL Classic with an amber reflection

  • STOPSOL SilverLight with a bluish outlook

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