Attoch is an Eco glass product ideal for energy-saving window renovations of office buildings and stores. This product converts an existing windowpane into Eco glass simply by applying one sheet of Low-E glass to the inside of the glass unit.

This then provides solar control, thermal insulation, and prevents dew condensation, all with a performance equivalent to that of double glazed glass panels. ATTOCH significantly improves the energy-saving performance of office buildings, in which installing replacement Eco glass products have been difficult.

ATTOCH can be installed from inside a room thus, no scaffolding is needed. Also, unlike a heat shield film whose energy-saving effects are high only in summer, ATTOCH provides high energy-saving effects both in summer and winter, which is highly valued, allowing it to be an award-winning product.


  • An effective tool to combat heat in summer and cold air in winter, achieving enhanced energy-saving performance throughout the year.

  • Helps to reduce air-conditioning energy use by about 30% a year, cutting air-conditioning costs by about 5,200USD a year

  • Transform normal windowpane to that of double glazed glass performance with one sheet of Low E glass

  • Customizable

Key Features

  • Solar Control

  • Thermal Insulator

  • Prevents Dew Condensation 

  • Energy/Cost Savings  

  • Eco-friendly 

  •  Easy Installation (30-60 minutes per window)

  • Can be coated on existing glass (no wastage of current glass) 

  • Periodic Replacement not needed