Glascene is a dual usage glass which can be used as a normal transparent glass, and as a projection screen. It utilizes both front and rearprojection to display content on the glass. The rise in search for a solution that combines innovation with usability has led to the technology for this glass projection screen, Glascene.


  • Conveniently converts transparent glass to projection screen when necessary (in offices/institutions during meetings/stage performancesetc)

  • Acts as advertising platform for showrooms/shops with glass panels after office hours. Transparent glass in the day can be used as a projection screen at night, to display product information/videos etc.

Key Features

  • Dual Usage (transparent glass/projection screen)

  • Customizable Size

  • Wide Angle View during projection

  • Sharp and Clear Projected Image

  • Ownership of Advertising Patterns

  • Convenient and Portable Projection Screen

Light through module

  • Front Projection Screen (Clear or Matt)
  • Rear Projection Screen

See through module