Combining Energy Efficiency with Renewable Energy


Sunjoule is a laminated safety glass building material with embedded solar cells. It is manufactured with tempered-heat soaked or heat strengthened glass on both front and back surfaces. The shape and size of each module can be customized to match creative architectural designs. The thickness of the glass can also be customized accordingly to meet wind load pressures, making it suitable for Building Integrated Applications.

Utilizing AGC’s coated glass technology, Sunjoule is now available with Low-E coating and can be laminated or double glazed, offering energy efficient glass modules that can harvest clean and green solar renewable energy.


  • A building material that offers renewable energy and in the long term will payback for itself

  • Blocks and reduce UV and IR into facility

  • Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

  • Allows for Natural Day lighting

  • Contributes to reduction of CO2 emission

Key Features

  • Flexibility in Design
  • Multiple cell-type options
    • Amorphous Silicon
    • Single face Mono-crystalline / Poly-crystalline Cells
    • Bi-Facial Mono-crystalline cells
    • Green Poly-crystalline Cells
    • Sudare
  • Multiple Application possibilities
    • Spandrel
    • Skylight
    • Canopy
    • Curtain Wall
    • Façade
    • Sunshade
    • Fence
    • Louver
    • Balustrades / Balcony
    • Wall

Light through module

  • With Different tinted glass
  • With Low-E coating
  • Laminated
  • Insulated Glass Unit