Mirox MNGE

mirror mnge


Mirox New Generation Ecological (MNGE) is a high quality and highly corrosion resistant mirror that easily exceeds the most stringent quality and resistance standards


  • Unparalleled resistance to corrosion and ageing: lasts three times longer than conventional mirrors

  • Enhanced resistance to harsh cleaning products: seven times more resistant than conventional mirrors

  • No pitting or bloom over time

  • Available in a safety version: a polypropylene film is applied to the back of the glass to prevent injury. If the glass breaks, the fragments adhere to the plastic film and do not break up

Key Features

Environmental protection

  • MIROX MNGE is a copper- and lead- free mirror

  • Manufactured using environmentally friendly process

  • Ammonia effluent was reduced by 90% as a result of the elimination of the copper coating

Superior Quality

  • Copper-free metal coatingsr

  • Lead-free protective paints used

  • Ability to resist chemical damage

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