We can provide various shape FRP products, which have the below features, pipe, sheet, pultrusion parts, molded and assembled ones with developed various manufacturing methods. These products are manufactured in Japan and Thailand as well.

  • High durable material

  • Light weight material, one fifth for steel (FRP 1.6/Steel 7.82(gravity))

  • High strength material, 5.5 times for steel (FRP 282/Steel 51 (Specific strengthen/Mpa?cm3/g)

  • High corrosion resistance for alkali and acid (Dilute hydrochloric acid, Fluorinated acid, Dilute sodium hydrate, etc.)

  • And electric isolation, radio wave transmissible as well

Key Features

  • Cable pipe, Electric tools and parts

  • Dazzling light prevention plate (High way)

  • Photovoltaic module frame

  • Construction materials (composite slab, Cat walk ,Drain pipe and pit, Grating, Sky light, Louver ,Vertical shaft, etc. )

  • Others (Antenna cover, Bridge, Tube and vessel for water treatment etc.)