Product Description: Infoverre is a display in glass, composed of a screen, PSU, and HDMI cable. By adhering LCD panels directly on glass windows, infoverre provides better image quality. There is no air layer between LCD panel and glass window, therefore surface reflections are reduced and displayed images become clearer. Infoverre’s LCD panels consume 3~5 times less electric power than existing digital signage. Energy is saved through the reduction of backlight brightness which in return, causes a decrease in running cost. Due to its smart design (frameless), this product gives the impression of a display screen floating in the air. Infoverre also requires less installation spaces because it uses thin and light LCD panels. Infoverre can be placed as a stand-alone, for semi outdoor, or indoor purposes. It can be installed on-site or prepared in the factory (if glass window is replaced), and is easily removable.


  • Transform glass surfaces/static displays/bulky information stands into dynamic display/advertising platforms

  • Allows ownership and encourages in-house advertising for businesses (flexible advertising patterns according to choice of administrator)

  • Secured display screen (protected by glass cover) displaying different dynamic information on one screen

Key Features

  • Ownership of Advertising/Information Display

  • Dynamic Display with Various Zones

  • Image Clarity (due to direct bonding to glass)

  • Reduced Glare/Reflections

  • Space/Energy/Cost Savings

  • Secured Display Screen (due to glass protection)

  • Aesthetically Sound Design (slim and classy)

  • Able to install on existing glass surfaces

  • Possible to repair and re-install upon the failure of LCD panel

Product Range:

  • 42” and 55” Screens

  • Touch Screen range to be available in near future