High Retro-Reflective Sheet For Fabricating:

  • Traffic Signs

  • Barricades

  • Delineation Devices

  • Conspicuity Marking etc.

Nikkalite has various series consisting of RS (enclosed lens type), UL (encapsulated lens type) and CRG (Prismatic type), and these products satisfy ASTM D4956-11. Nikkalite contributes to keep safety and order, in the road networks all over the world.


  • High retro-reflective

  • High durability (10 years guaranteed)

  • ASTM D4956-11 standard conformed

  • This product is applied in Philippine, Singapore, Thailand, Australia And New Zealand Some grade product does not conform to this standard

Key Features

  • Traffic Signs

  • Barricades

  • Delineation Devises

  • Conspicuity Marking