Product Description: Reach-in-door (RID) is a glass door refrigerator and freezer showcase widely used in convenience stores around the world. This product made by AGC is resistant to fogging and frosting. This is important as water condensation from such processes affects clarity of the glass, and causes slippery floor in the store. With the invention of the non-electric range of RID, water condensation can be fully prevented on the inside of the glass without using conductivity.This range also allows for a reduction in carbon dioxide emission level, and an increase in cost efficiency. Our technology ensures RID achieves safety, comfort, and maximum quality. In the case of freezers, our competitors have yet to develop the non-electricity type thus, AGC is likely to be the sole supplier so far.

RID Requires The Following Process:

  • Tempering

  • Off-line (soft coat) Low-E

  • Insulation

  • Keep items in refrigerator/freezer cold

  • Prevent water condensation on the inside of glass without using conductivity (non-electric).

  • Provide better sealing performance, preventing internal condensation

Key Features

  • Anti-fog

  • Anti-frost

  • High sealing performance

  • Carbon dioxide emission reduction

  • Cost efficient

Product Range:

Non-Electric Range

  • Non-Electric type Refrigerator: Year 2007

  • Non- Electric type Freezer: Year 2010