AGC at Train Stations

Trains move a large number of people within the city or between cities and are one of the most efficient & environmentally friendly mode of transportation. Train stations mark the beginning or end of a journey, are critical infrastructure that must be sustainable, and provide a great experience to the commuters that is reliable and safe. The AGC group has different products that can support these objectives.

How do AGC materials contribute to efficient, resilient and sustainable train stations?

A train station’s sustainability agenda will largely dwell in reducing VOCs, incorporating renewable energy, maximising natural light and ventilation, and reducing the energy demand for cooling. AGC’s products such as high-performance glass and Fluon™ ETFE film help in filling the interiors with natural light, while keeping the heat away. ETFE film has been used as a skylight material in many train stations around the world where large spans are covered with less steel structure. AGC’s SunEwat Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) helps in generating energy while letting natural light to seep in.

User Experience

Train stations move a large number of people and it is important to have a clear wayfinding strategy and information delivery. The use of colour in train stations is essential in wayfinding and AGC’s interior glass range is available in colours that help achieve this objective. AGC interior glass does not have any VOC emissions and contributes to a healthier environment while providing easy-to-clean and glossy surfaces.


Train stations designed for maintainability require less upkeep and tend to have longer service lifetimes. AGC products such as Lumiflon™ based resin helps in formulating coatings that can retain the colour and gloss of the finish for a longer period. This eliminates any frequent repainting needs. Excestar™ based sealants reduce oil and dust staining when compared to traditional Silicone sealants. Fluon™ ETFE film membrane structures help in easier maintenance due to its anti-stick properties and high weatherability.


As train stations hold a large number of people, safety is a paramount concern. AGC products contribute to the safety levels of such infrastructure. The Fluon™ ETFE film has the advantage of not shattering in the event of a blast or propagating flames in the event of a fire. Glazing solutions, in particular Pyrobel fire safety glazing, buys more time for rescue teams by stalling the spread of flames. The cladding materials based on the Lumiflon™ resin have been tested to various international fire standards while the interior glazing with less VOC emission elevates human safety.