Industrial Architecture

The industrial buildings of the future will be equipped with Automation, Integrated design and production, along with resilient and adaptive spaces. Climate change and resource constraints will force the construction and operation of factories to be both sustainable and resilient. This includes reduced energy, water and material consumption, a shift towards the circular economy, and design and location choices that limit climate related weather risks and reduce transportation needs. AGC with its technology and products is enabling resilient and adaptive spaces in the industrial buildings of the future.

Energy Efficient

The energy efficiency of the factory spaces and other related office buildings can be improved by letting more sunlight into the interiors. AGC Glass, Fluon™ ETFE membrane, and carbo glass can be excellent choices for skylights to ensure sufficient daylighting in the interiors. AGC glass materials with innovative coatings are excellent choices for the façade applications to improve the energy efficiency of the purpose-built spaces. SunEwat Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) panels can be deployed on such skylights to let in light and generate electricity while providing shade. Additionally, the BIPV panels can also be deployed on facades and other window applications.

Wastewater treatment technologies can utilise Selemion ion exchange membranes from AGC that ensure energy-efficient water purification.


Lumiflon™ resin-based coatings and claddings would reduce the need for any frequent repainting works because of its high durability. Together with Excestar™ based non-staining sealants, facades can maintain their pristine look for years to come.

In the interiors, AGC Fluon™ ETFE powder can be applied to the inner linings of factory ducts to provide chemical resistant properties.

AGC’s Expertise in Glass Furnace Design

As glass melting furnaces continue operations for more than ten years, it is of paramount importance to ensure the design is optimal.

Utilizing glass melting technologies, operation know-how, and expertise in furnace design accumulated over several years, AGC provides the best design and installation solutions for glass furnaces at any life stage in a wide range of glass production fields. With the environment in mind, AGC also provides several unique technologies to purify the furnace emissions, such as utilising oxy-furnaces, advanced regenerators, low-NOx burners, and waste gas cleaning systems.

AGC’s development of highly functional furnace materials and utilisation of our global material supplier network enables us to provide a wide range of world-class materials for customers engaged in various kinds of glass manufacturing. AGC can provide the best material combination for any kind of glasses, glass products, furnace design, and combustion system.

Fused cast refractory bricks for glass melting furnace crown
Fused cast refractory bricks for glass melting furnace crown